Active in our 50s? You Bet!

I’m sure you remember times when you’ve experienced what we call a “second wind.” It may come late in the evening when suddenly you get a burst of energy, perhaps allowing you to stay up later than normal, or when you’re feeling exhausted during a rigorous workout and for no apparent reason you’re breathing returns to normal and the fatigue evaporates.

As it happens, there’s good news for those of us in Act 2.5. AOLLifestyle published the results of a new study from Exodus Travels revealing Americans get their “second wind” at age 56. In addition, of the two-thousand people surveyed, 75% believe that age is just a number and 64% admit to being more adventurous and daring after they turned 50.

Another positive is that 48% say they have more fun now than they did when they were in their 20s. The survey also showed that 7 in 10 people gained a new zest for life after the half century mark.

So the next time someone remarks that you’re “over the hill,” inwardly smile – for you know differently. Enjoy this new act by following a few simple steps to allow you to make the most of of this time in your life.

  • Embrace this new act of your life. Be kinder to yourself by not letting age define you.
  • Maintain your well-being by eating healthy, exercising and getting regular check-ups.
  • Join that cause that’s been on your mind – your wisdom and ideas will be necessary tools to help you achieve success.
  • Keep networking both at work and home. Engaging with those outside your “friend circle” will keep you current and relevant as well as connected.
  • Travel – explore places both at home and abroad. Take photographs, make new friends and be adventurous.

Remind yourself that this is the perfect time in your life to really live!