Help! I’m Going Stir Crazy at Home

Woman at Computer

During these troubling times, most of you will find yourself at home most of the day. If you’re still working, it might be a new experience working from your house or apartment. Wearing yoga pants as you answer emails, talk to clients or coworkers on the phone, or work on documents might be a welcome change. But for many of you who are not working or are not set-up to work from home, the days can be long.

To help you from going stir crazy, check out these tips to make your day more productive :

  • Start a to-do list – organize closets, clean the basement, put away winter clothes. 
  • Make a schedule for each day and include some of the items on your to-do list. 
  • Exercise. The gym may be closed but many are offering on-line videos to help you stay fit. Also, taking a walk or run in the fresh air will get you out of the house.
  • Read a novel. Check out your local library’s website or visit Amazon to download a book. Not sure what to read? Visit for reviews on thousands of books. 
  • Limit television. It’s important to watch the news to keep abreast of the world around us and also catch up on your favorite shows. But too much screen time can make you lazy and unproductive.
  • Video chat with friends and family using tools such as group Facetime, Zoom and google hangouts. It’s important to stay connected.

Remember, we’re all in this together and this can be tolerable if you take control of what you can control.