Binge on a Podcast Today

Women listening to headphones

Podcasting is a new term for many of us. A podcast is a web-based audio stream that covers topics from current events to motivating stories about everyday life. Audio podcasts have become one of the most downloaded items on the web and the number of them available continues to rise. They are enjoyed by many listeners – young and old – anywhere and everywhere.

The idea of the podcast originated over a decade ago, thanks to the Apple iPod, which offered the seamless delivery of audio, on-line content that could be broadcast from any website, at any time. The average length of a podcast is around 20 minutes – just long enough to take a walk or a break during the day. You’ll find today’s podcasts are filled with fresh and engaging content, such as interviews, inspirational talks and teaching methodologies. The true beauty of the podcast, however, is that you choose what to listen to and when. According to The Nielsen Company, over 50% of homes today have at least one or more podcast fans, with Comedy as the most popular genre.

Thinking of learning a new language? A visit to the iTunes store’s podcast section will present you with hundreds of options from experts in the field. At the click of a button, you can ‘plug in’ and start practicing on your next walk around the block!

And wait, there’s more! You can subscribe to a series of podcasts or create your own collection, much like choosing your favorite artist in your music playlist. You can find podcasts at individual websites, such as and the New York Times website, or you can visit podcast platforms, such as iTunes, Google Play and SoundCloud to find the right match for your needs.

So the next time you have 20 minutes to spare, opt for a podcast and enjoy twenty minutes of inspiration, entertainment, or personal or professional growth. We will be sharing our favorite podcasts, stay tuned!