Is It Time for a Phone Upgrade?

comparing smartphone upgrade

Is it time to upgrade your smartphone? Unlike a car where you can see how many miles it has gone, today’s devices have different life spans than those of a decade ago. Some show their age by their size, while others are slow in responding or turning on. One sure sign may be your device’s battery life. Current technological enhancements push our devices to the next level, using up precious memory and processing speed along the way. In addition, new apps can quickly use up battery life, where you find yourself plugging in more often. If you’ve experienced any or all of these, it’s most likely time to upgrade, but before you run out to buy a new one, take a minute and ask yourself:

What do you want the device to do that it can’t do now? Identifying your tech needs and wants helps narrow down the variety of choices available. If you enjoy games, consider increasing the screen size of your device. Or, if you travel, extending the battery life of a device may be a necessity, because many of the new models get over 10 hours of charge. Sometimes the weight and size of your device is a good reason to upgrade. Like our cars that get more streamlined and gadget friendly over time, so do our devices.

Do you want more camera capabilities? Older phones rely on a flash to take pictures in dim places, such as restaurants. Newer phones offer advanced technology to adjust light automatically, enhance portrait taking like in the new iPhone XR, and bring images to life with movement. In addition, many new phones have better camera pixel resolution, resulting in more vivid imagery.

Can you afford it? While the new phones offer a variety of enhancements, is the added cost worth it? Consider your budget before signing off on that shiny new device.

If you’ve determined it’s time for an upgrade, the answers to the questions above will help you choose the right phone.