Protect Your Mobile Device From the Summer Heat

Phone on beach

The summer heat can raise havoc on our mobile devices. A recent day at the beach reminded me of that as I observed watches, tablets and phones exposed to the hot summer sun. Too often we forget to take caution when we bring our devices along on hot days.

Mobile devices generate a lot of heat themselves performing their everyday tasks like connecting to wi-fi, adjusting monitor brightness or refreshing apps. Add to this the heat of direct sunlight on a display screen or the high temperature in a hot, parked car and problems can arise. It is not uncommon for screens to crack or batteries to burst after 2-3 hours of 90 degree heat. Some signs that your device may need to cool down include a delay in performing basic tasks such as opening an app, long download times and abrupt shut down.

You may have even seen a Temperature warning appear on your phone screen like this one on the iphone.
Here are some ways to take care of your phone, tablet or wearable when the temperature rises:
  1. Find some shade. The best cool down is to find a shaded area. Leave the device out in the open for 15-20 minutes or under the car seat if you plan on leaving it for an extended period of time. You may be tempted to stick it in your frosty cooler for a quick cool down but I do not recommend that because of the rapid temperature shift causing condensation inside your device.
  2. Turn off your device. If you cannot turn it off, at least turn on Airplane Mode so the device is not searching for a wi-fi connection.
  3. Shut down unneeded apps. App constantly refresh themselves which means the battery is constantly working. Also make sure your apps are up to date.
  4. Remove the case or watch. Some device case materials trap heat and cover the air vents, let yours “breath” without a case for a while. Remove your watch from your wrist to eliminate additional body heat.
  5. Find a breeze or make one yourself by blowing on the device. If you brought along your favorite portable, battery-operated fan such as this O2COOL one to keep yourself cool, turn it towards the back of your device for a few minutes.

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