Say YES to Sleeveless

Do you shy away from sleeveless blouses and dresses? Have you resorted to waving goodbye with just your hand instead of your entire arm?

If this is you, don’t fret – you’re not alone. Women in Act 2.5 will likely develop loose skin under their arms, commonly referred to as bat-wings. This sagging, jiggly skin is mainly the result of the aging process.

Around the age of 35-40, the muscle mass in our bodies declines about 1% per year. The tricep muscle, which supports the skin underneath and on the backside of the upper arms begins to go slack, causing the skin to sag. In addition, the collagen in our skin reduces as we age, loosening it even more.

The good news is that “bat-wings” can be reduced by watching what you eat and exercising. A diet of high quality proteins – chicken, fish, lean red meat and eggs – can help maintain muscle tone. It’s also important to stay physically active as it reduces the effects of aging. To help firm those upper arms, include upper body resistance training and body weight exercises in your workouts to target the tricep muscles. This will give you an arm-lift, without going under the knife.

In the meantime, don’t shy away from sleeveless tops and dresses. If you’re self-conscious about your arms, here are a few ways to wear sleeveless with confidence:

  • Layer
    • Add a vest in a coordinating print or solid over a sleeveless top or dress to make it more interesting.
    • Wear a wrap, cardigan or bolero jacket in a lightweight fabric to add dimension, color and texture, completing the outfit.
  • Accessorize
    • Wear large scarves or chunky necklaces to pull attention away from your arms.
  • Pay Attention to Posture
    • Keep your shoulders back and head up. People will notice your good posture before your arms.

While it’s important to maintain good eating habits and include exercise in your daily life, wearing clothes with confidence improves not only the way others see you, but how you see yourself.