Catch the Wave of Canned Wine!

I was pleasantly surprised by my first experience with canned wine this summer! We picked-up two four packs, to bring with us on our beach vacation. We had broken a bottle of red wine recently in transit, and it was a challenging clean-up. You will find that canned wines fit in a cooler better and there is no cork to deal with! It is noticeable that canned wines are a tiny segment of the total wine market (trailing boxes, bottles and tetra packs). However, they have become the fastest-growing of all wine packaging options.

Most people asked me whether there was a metallic taste to the wine. I have to say, this is truly not the case. I also spoke to my local wine store manager, and he told me that the wine cans are lined with a special flavor-proof barrier. He assured me that this trend was here to stay. In part due to new market demands, to make wine more accessible and environmentally friendly.

There are many new and familiar brands to choose from including: Underwood, Francis Ford Coppola, Cupcake Vineyards and St. Michelle’s 14 Hands. The cans are fairly priced at $5 – 10 per can. It’s also interesting to note the value of single serving portions (5 – 8 oz.). More importantly, there is an ease of chilling, opening and carrying, that makes the bottles obsolete.

Check-out the list of best brands here by Real Simple. There are many grape varieties available now in 2019!

Enjoy your next outdoor barbecue, holiday or tail-gate event of any season, with some wonderful wine!

Canned wine pouring into glass
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