A 15-minute Eyebrow Update Can Leave You Feeling Pretty and Polished

A few weeks ago, I noticed one of my friends had beautifully contoured eyebrows. I’d known her most of my life and wondered why they’d never stood out before. I wondered if she’d had these the entire time or was this a new trend that perhaps I’d missed. So I asked her about them.

To my surprise, she told me about the Benefit’s brow bar. I’d never heard of a brow bar, but later that night, after I’d examined my pale, thinning brows, I decided to make an appointment.

Before the visit, I went online to learn more about eyebrow trends through the years. During the 60s through 90s eyebrows went from thick and natural to thinner and curved then to pencil thin. With the millenium came a fuller brow shape – similar to decades ago. During my exploration, I also learned that many women in Act 2.5 will experience thinning brows due to aging and hormonal issues as well as graying, which will make them appear even thinner.

Kerri with new eyebrows

Most importantly, I learned that today’s eyebrows, according to Marie Claire’s beauty editor, are about contouring, with clean edges, accentuated arches and tapered tails. I wondered how the brow technician would achieve all that with my thinning brows.

My friend accompanied me on the visit, and when I left just 15 minutes later, I was amazed at the transformation. Ian, the technician, tinted my brows to match the darkest strand of color in my hair. Then he waxed and plucked to create the perfect arch. He finished it off by applying small pencil strokes to fill in the areas where the hair was thin. I left the store with beautifully sculpted, lush eyebrows. The best part – when I looked in the mirror, I looked and felt ten years younger.

Since then, several of my friends and co-workers have not only noticed the change, but have made appointments to have their brows updated.

What amazed me the most about this experience was that small improvements can have a significant impact. Something as simple as changing the color, texture and shape of a pair of eyebrows will not only brighten your eyes but add youthfulness to your appearance. Now that’s a win win.