Joyful Thoughts of Springtime

Garden of flowers

The groundhog did not find his shadow, so it is possible that we will see an early Spring! Just the thought of this possibility inspires a revived sense of joy. The days are becoming longer and the bright sunshine exposes some of the green lawns. It’s a great time to go walking outdoors  to hear the birds sing, take-in the fresh air, and boost your intake of Vitamin D.

Valentines Day brought us a bounty of cut flowers to see at our local grocery stores and during the month of March most of you will start reviewing your garden and landscaping needs. Whether you’re starting outdoor garden plants from seeds or thinking about repotting indoor plants, it’s a great time to visit the local garden shops for supplies and inspiration.  

But, let’s not stop there! The buds on the trees and early flowering plants and shrubs reminds us that the spring season is all about color in our wardrobe and freshening-up our homes too. With the sun shining longer and warming up the temperatures, it’s also the perfect time to kick-start your fitness and weight loss goals. And, more importantly, it’s a great time to plan events with friends and family.

To help you get started, check-out this extensive list of 50 Fun Spring Activities from RealSimple.  

Now that we changed the clocks to Daylight Saving time, be sure to take advantage of the longer days a milder weather!