Five Great Websites for Learning Something New

Woman Reading iPad

The web is a great portal for learning new things. Whether it is tweaking an existing skill, crafting a new hobby or learning how to live a joyful life, the web has it all to keep you relevant in Act 2.5. Here are a few of my favorite web sites to expand your knowledge without ever leaving the couch.

The TED online portal offers short, powerful talks (18 minutes or less), and is one of my favorite places to visit when I want to be inspired or learn about a new subject matter. I often download a few talks when I am getting ready for a long plane ride.

Creative Live logo

Creative Live offers a fresh approach to education – providing access to hundreds of creative courses. They believe there is a “creator in all of us” and have hundreds of courses to help you find it. Use the search option to find free courses or sign up for a 7-day trial to sample a few courses.

Bluprint logo

Bluprint offers crafty courses to help you tackle any creative project from start to finish. Their courses are taught by renowned artists and world-class experts. I promise that you will be so impressed with yourself when you complete your first project. 

highbrow logo

HighBrow provides courses that take just 5 minutes a day to elevate the mind, broaden horizons, and build true knowledge. Their slogan “Learn Something New Every Day – Get smarter with 10-day courses delivered in easy-to-digest emails every morning” sounds like a perfect reason to pour a cup of coffee and jump on the site!

Coursera is an online and open learning platform of courses and degrees taught by experts in many different disciplines. Check out their popular free courses to get started. They are 35 million learners strong and may be your ticket to that degree you always wanted.

These online learning web sites are a wonderful way to spark your creativity and expand your intellectual know how. And the best part is they will fit into your schedule from the comforts of your own workspace.