Makeup for the Seasons

eye shadow color palette

As you put away your summer clothes, it should be a reminder to make a few changes to your makeup. Colder weather brings about paler and drier skin, which means the bronzers, matte finishes, and pastel colors used during the hot, dry days of summer will not work during the colder winter months.

It’s during these months that our skin needs our most attention as the harsh weather wreaks havoc on our epidermis. Stronger moisturizers and hydrating foundations are necessary to avoid dry, chapped skin. Also, people tend to wear darker clothes in navy, black, brown, and gray so the color palette for cheeks, lids and lips get darker as well.  

To help you get ready for the change of season, here are the products you’ll want to consider changing:


Your skin from winter dryness will require a heavier moisturizer to lock in your skin’s natural moisture, fight dryness and nourish skin. Take a few extra steps to massage your face as you apply it to get the blood flowing. This will help your makeup look blended.

Here is a list of reasonably priced moisturizers to help you select the right one.


Chances are your tan will fade so you’ll want to use a lighter colored foundation to match your paler skin tone. Also, your foundation will need to be more hydrating to combat the loss of moisture during the cold winter months. It’s important to use a foundation with an SPF as the sun is still strong in winter, especially as it reflects off of snow.


Adding touches of color to cheeks adds a wonderful contrast to paler skin. Opt for a contouring palette in a couple of shades darker than your natural flush. You may want to switch to a cream to keep your face from looking dry.


Matte lipsticks tend to be drier so it’s best to put these away until spring. Dewier textures, like satins and brands with moisturizing properties will work best as the chilly season rolls in. Bold colors in reds, darker pinks, purples and bronzes will give your face the pop of color it needs during the dreary, dark days of winter.

Eye Shadow

Women in Act 2.5 should remember less is more when it comes to applying eye shadow. Nudes and neutrals can be worn anytime of year. However, during the winter months, you may want to add a deeper, richer tone in (only) the crease.

Switching out your makeup will not only shield your face from the harsher climate but will make you glow, despite the weather.