Why the Handwritten Thank-You Note Still Matters

Thank you note

As a digital enthusiast, I still love receiving a handwritten thank you note. Some might think my preference for a handwritten “thank you” dates me, but I want to set the record straight by saying that it has nothing to do with my age. Rather, I appreciate the gesture of someone putting time aside to recognize something thoughtful I’ve done or an effort I’ve made.

From the minute I spot the (usually) smaller stamped envelope in my mail pile I smile knowing someone has taken the time to write a special thought or message. Unlike reading a text or tweet, the act of opening the envelope makes my senses come alive. I enjoy feeling the texture of the paper and reading the carefully scripted words. I picture the  author carefully crafting the message – from affirming a friendship, expressing appreciation for a gift or acknowledging a special moment. For me, handwritten words show more gratitude than a quick thank you in an email or text.

So the next time you reach for your device to send words of ‘thanks,’ consider composing a handwritten note and sending it snail mail. By focusing on what was meaningful to you, the words should come easily. However, If you need help crafting that perfect note,  the article How To Write a Charming Thank You Note will help you get started.

Photo by rawpixel on unsplash