[Celebrate] Fall with Friends

by Debby Adams, guest contributor

It’s 10PM. Have you seen your friends lately?

That old commercial encouraging parents to check on their children applies just as much to women and their friends. Our calendars are all too full, but quality time with those who know us best, or those we want to know better, is just the thing to restore some balance and laughter to our lives.

Coffee, brunch, and dinner are good standbys, but if you’d like to try something different and autumn-inspired, consider inviting friends to:

  • Pick apples or pumpkins at a nearby orchard.
  • Walk or ride bikes on a local path or rail trail and enjoy all the gorgeous fall colors. Bonus: you get your steps or miles in at the same time! If you’re looking for more of a challenge, invite your friends to train with you for a Thanksgiving walk/run or other charity event.
  • Visit a local vineyard for a cider or wine-tasting. Some also offer live music.Woman picking apples
  • Join a class at a nursery or garden center to make wreaths, planters, and other holiday decorations for your home.
  • Team up with other parents or volunteers to bake pies and other treats for local fundraisers.
  • Attend an Oktoberfest celebration or apple harvest festival.
  • See a mystery or suspense play at a community theater – maybe even join a theater group and rehearse together for a holiday show!
  • Volunteer to serve a meal at your soup kitchen or house of worship.  Volunteers are especially appreciated on Thanksgiving.
  • Organize or collect items together for a coat, mittens, or blanket drive. You can also create/collect cards or assemble care packages for our soldiers through the Red Cross.

Make a date with a friend and enjoy this beautiful time of year.