Picture Perfect: Tips for Looking Great in Photos

Women Taking Picture with Camera

Ever wonder why some people look better in photos than others? Is it because they have better features or is it because they know how to pose? Chances are they have learned the art of taking a good picture.

Want your vacation photos or selfies to look like Annie Leibovitz, the renowned American portrait photographer, snapped them? If so, then try these techniques and its almost certain the results will be more flattering photographs.

The most important factor is good lighting. Natural light is best, so taking photos outside is preferred to inside. Dusk is the best time of day. Cloudy skies are ideal, but if the sun is shining find an open shaded area. When taking a picture inside, try to bring as much natural light into a room. Night shots are a little trickier. It’s important to keep the camera steady, adjust the filter or exposure so you can see color and detail, and shoot in well-lit areas.

To look your best in photos, it’s crucial to know your “better” side. We all have a better side, and if you’re like most people, the left side is best. The way to determine this is to look at old photos to see which ones are the most photogenic. Once you determine your “best” side, make sure the camera is capturing that side of your face.

In addition to good lighting and knowing your best side, here are more tips for taking that perfect picture:

  1. Avoid looking head on to the camera by turning your head slightly.
  2. If your skin is on the oilier side, make sure you use a bit of powder for a matte finish.
  3. Add touches of color to your face by wearing blush and lipstick.
  4. Use highlighter under your eyes and on the top of your cheekbones to alleviate any shadows and to brighten your face.

For full body photos, posture is important –

  1. Slightly turn your body to the side and draw your shoulder blades together.
  2. Angle your arms to create a space between your body and arms.
  3. Shift your weight to the back leg to give a slimmer look.

Lastly, smile with both your lips and eyes – aka “smize.” Relax the muscles in your face by imagining peaceful or positive thoughts. Place your tongue behind your teeth so your smile isn’t so wide and squint your eyes slightly.

Practice makes perfect, so snap away to get your smile and the angle of your face and/or body perfect. Once you learn how to pose, you’ll never shy away from a camera again.