Shop! In the Name of Love

Women Standing in Store

Every woman needs at least one girlfriend. Having more than one is icing on the cake. True girlfriends are honest, almost to a fault, and that’s especially important when shopping for a new outfit.

The mirror can be our friend, but it can also be our worst enemy because what you see may not be what others do. A good friend is your reality check. She’ll be honest when she lovingly jokes that the pencil skirt that looked so great on the mannequin makes you look like last night’s dinner went directly to your hips. Or the blouse prominently displayed in the window will wash out your complexion. She’ll run out of the dressing room to search for the right size before it sinks in that those few extra pounds you put on over the winter changed your size. On her way back, she’ll grab those expensive boyfriend-cut jeans you’ve been eyeing but wouldn’t consider splurging on. She’ll wait patiently outside the dressing room and convince you to take a spin in front of the mirror to see how incredible you look.

Best of all, she’ll light up when you try on what looks best. She’ll encourage you to break out your wallet – you deserve it, she will say. For she knows, even better than you, that when you look fabulous, you ooze confidence.

Let her know that you appreciate her friendship by springing for a glass of chardonnay before you head home. Remind her that the next time is her turn, and you can’t wait!