So, i have never upgraded my phone or anything else on launch day. I come from the software development world and know that rev 1 or anything, probably needs more testing. I still have the old iphone 4, and of course, dropped it on the second day I owned it. Needless to say, I have been looking to upgrade for a while, but for many reasons have not. Until Friday, iphone 5s launch day.

Just about $400 later (phone $299, $30 upgrade charge by Verizon, $50 case, car charger, screen protector bundle) I came home with my new phone… took me the evening to get all my contacts, apps and email addresses transfered and working. I still have yet to pair it with my car, just can’t find it…. iphone 4 took about 10 seconds to pair. Not sure what the issue is here.

Here is what i like, i take my dog for a walk everyday in the trails near my home and suddenly with the iphone 5s, i can stay connected, previously calls always dropped, which is a huge plus. I like the finger swipe, for no other reason than it is fun, no big secrets being protected here. Other than that, pretty much business as usual.

I have two weeks to see if the 5s has enough for me to invest the money. So far, not so much…

Here is an article from Mashable about the 5s… what do you think?

If you ask someone what they think of Apple’s new iOS 7 software, you’ll likely get a strong reaction. Opinions on “the biggest change to iOS since the original iPhone” have also been mixed, to say the least. Some people love it, while it’s making others cry. No, really. We’re talking about actual baby tears.

At the surface level — as with anything — beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What one person heralds as a stunning, vibrant overhaul, another might think has been designed by a 6-year-old with crayons. This contrasting sentiment has seeped into many aspects of how people view the new mobile operating system.

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First, it’s important to note that it’s different. Really different. Many people don’t like change, and similar to most software updates, there are kinks. A new Tumblr account called Sloppy UI has even curated issues from users across the web.

Below, take a look at our biggest complaints about iOS 7 so far:

1. Flat UI


The user interface has gone completely flat, so apps look a lot less like actual buttons. We miss the subtle depth provided by previous iOS versions that made it seem like we weren’t just tapping the screen. Flat is so in these days — for example, Bing and Google just rolled out new, flatter logos.

2. Unnecessary Movements

iOS 7 is more gesture-focused than previous versions, and it’s fun taking advantage of features such as “swipe to unlock.” But there are many animated movements that border on “disorienting.” The main offender here is how apps open and close, by zooming in and out of content via diagonal movement. It looks sleek, but at the same time, it creates a dizzying effect.

3. Parallax Effect

iOS 7

The jittery-nature of the parallax effect on the background will give you vertigo. (For example, if you shift your phone from side to side, it will look like the wallpaper is moving behind the apps). The good news is you can turn this off by selecting “reduce motion” in Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion.

4. Spotlight vs. Notifications

If you want to do an internal search (the Spotlight feature), swipe your finger from the top of the screen downward (anywhere on the display). If you want to see recent notifications, do the same thing but start the swipe at the very top of the screen. It’s very easy to confuse the two and bring up one function when you actually want another. Plus, it makes finding Spotlight more challenging, which has been a major complaint for many iOS 7 users.

5. Less Intuitive

Navigating iOS 7 has been far less intuitive than previous iterations. We’re still trying to figure out where certain features are hiding and what used to take one click — like closing a new webpage in Safari — takes a bit more work (and if you use the “x” button, instead of swiping the page away, it’s just so small).

6. Keyboard Changes

The keyboard has a new look too, and although (stylistically) it’s looking good, there are some challenges with its basic functionality. It’s difficult to tell when you’ve capitalized a word or pressed the shift key. In addition, the .com button is no longer in plain view.

7. Battery Issues

Another huge complaint with iOS 7 is that it’s a battery suck. The update comes with the Background App Refresh function on, which allows apps to refresh their content when using Wi-Fi or cellular in the background. But it’s known to drain your battery. To turn it off, visit Settings > General > Background App Refresh.

8. More Folder Steps

Android users are familiar with this complaint: When you open a folder on the homescreen and then open an app within that folder, hitting the home button will take you back to the folder and not the home screen. When closing out of the app, iOS users are trained to be back at the main screen — but now they have to go through the extra step of leaving the folder. Although this might make sense — you opened the folder, so now you have to close it — it’s just adding more steps iOS users aren’t used to taking.

9. Charger Issues


We’ve seen some complaints from users with cheaper, non-Apple chargers who can no longer use them with their device. With the new iOS, this note pops up on screen: “This is not an authorized Apple product and may not be reliable.” As a result, you might have to splurge for Apple’s original (and more costly) chargers.

10. Battery Notification

When you typically charge your iPhone and the battery is less than 20%, the icon at the top right will switch from red to white when it’s plugged in. Now, we’ve noticed it stays red until it surpasses 20% battery capacity — so you might think you’re phone isn’t charging when it actually is.

11. No Home Button Swipe

iphone 5s

Everything about the iOS 7 experience is gesture-based, but when you want to go back to the main screen, you have to press the home button — an actual, physical button. When there’s a short cut for most things, we’d like to see one for the function we use most.

What is bugging you most about iOS 7? Let us know in the comments below.

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