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As you know publicity is an inexpensive way to promote your website online and build major credibility for your particular site. Really any kind of exposure can help your website get in front of new prospects. Most Internet businesses forget about the power of publicity, and even more businesses don’t take note of the power of online publicity or online press release marketing.

A few well positioned press releases online can give your website more exposure in the search engines, add credibility to your business, build up your brand, help remove any negative publicity that may be lurking online, increase your incoming backlinks to your website, and ultimately help you get more customers.When you can post information about your business in a high traffic area the only thing that can result ultimately is more traffic for you. This principal holds true with high traffic websites and press release sites are high traffic sources online that you can leverage to generate more traffic for your business.

When you submit or syndicate a press release online you can send it out to literally hundreds of press release sites if you want to. The more places you submit to the more benefit you will get. What I like about press releases is it does wonders for helping with branding. Since it is submitted to so many sites if you type in your business name after a press release is picked up in the search engines you will find a flood of results for your business. This results in making your business look important, plus it shows that your business seems to be active and thriving.

The Power of Positive Press Online

Sometimes businesses have some negative comments written about them online either from a customer misunderstanding or from a bitter competitor. You may never know where negative comments come up about your company, but there are solutions to calm the negative impact. Online press releases are sometimes used to again bring up more positive press about a business online and help overshadow tons of negative feed.

One other major online press release benefit is that they provide incoming backlinks to your website. As you know backlinks are super important and help you rank higher in the search engines. So the more links you get to your website, the better chance you have of showing up higher in the search engines than your competitors. Each press release you submit online can provide a backlink into your website.

Finally, if you position a press release correctly it can rank in the search engines on the first few pages for your main target keyword phrases. Including your target keyword in the title of your press release can give you a shot at seeing your press release rank and get direct traffic and more customers for you. So now that I have sold you on press releases you probably want to know what is next, right? You want to know how to write them, where to submit them, and everything in between to ensure your online press campaigns are the most effective.

What Is A Press Release?

As you more than likely know a press release is an announcement of an event, performance, or other newsworthy item that is issued publicly. What most small business owners don’t realize is how almost anything can be positioned as a press release online and used to generate yourself much traffic to your website, and potentially customers in your door.

Some ideas you could leverage to write a press release on include:

  • New Website Design
  • New Product Review
  • New Blog Post
  • An Opinion You Have
  • An industry statistic or change

A press release just needs to have an angle.

Press Release Structure

The key thing with any press release you write is to develop your angle first. The angle is the topic of your story, and covers the importance of who, what, when, where, and why. The first paragraph will typically lay out your main press release point or your angle. In a little bit I will show you an example of an opening paragraph so you can see this in action.

After the angle is created you will want to create a newsworthy title for your press release that includes your keywords in it. Try starting with your targeted keywords and include the angle of the release in the title or headline if possible to ensure the best chance of it getting accepted by the press release sites.

Below are a few examples of good press release titles targeting different keywords:
Tulsa, Oklahoma Chiropractors Adjusting The City
Weight Loss Tips Website Creates New Free Ebook
Bird Watching Supplies Article Reveals Top 5 Must Have Items

After you create your angle and write the headline for your press release you need to create your introductory paragraph that lays out your press release point. This paragraph is the starting point for your release. As mentioned previously you cover who the press release is about (Example: your business), why you are writing the press release (Example: running a special sale), when the event runs (Example: Dates of Event), and how people can find out about it (Example: Website or Phone).
Below is an example of a press release opener.

“Tulsa, Oklahoma chiropractors are hard at work adjusting the city of Tulsa and a new website has been launched to highlight a Tulsa, Oklahoma chiropractor. The website,, shares information and resources related to finding a good chiropractor for your next back or neck adjustment.”
I hope you take notice that this press release just announced a new website and really didn’t cover like a sale, employee hire, business event, etc. So hopefully you are beginning to see how you can position press releases to mean more exposure for your business online using any angle possible.Now after the angle is created, the headline is written, and your opening paragraph is put together you will need to work on the body of the press release. This part includes 2 to 4 paragraphs. Typically the body of the press release just expands on the initial details covered in the opening paragraph.

So you can go into more details on the sale or more details on the features of the new website. Maybe talk about the reasons you hired the new employee. You can even talk about the location of the event in more detail, and things like that.An easy way to create filler content is to come up with quotes that you can insert into these paragraphs as well. You can come up with a statement from yourself as the owner of the business that can be used here. It gives you a chance to maybe talk a little more about your business. I will show you a full sample press release below so you can see how the quotes are used.

Finally, you will conclude your press release with a closing paragraph or a call to action of some sort. This is the part of the press release where you give the readers a direct action. Most of the time this is to look at your website or call you. Since you are using this strategy to promote your website it will benefit you to put your website link, but if your business doesn’t have a website yet just have people call your business to find out more information.

Press Release Example

Now as promised below I have copied a complete press release so you can see how all of this fits together. You can even take this press release and use it as a template if you would like. The example below is for a local business, but obviously could be changed to reflect a business in any niche market. The key thing to do is try to incorporate these elements into your press release, and use this as guide to writing them.

Tulsa, Oklahoma Chiropractors Adjusting The City

Tulsa, Oklahoma chiropractors are hard at work adjusting the city of Tulsa and a new website has been launched to highlight a Tulsa, Oklahoma chiropractor. The website,, shares information and resources related to finding a good chiropractor for your next back or neck adjustment.
“Our goal with this website is to give website visitors access to a variety of information and resources related to finding and choosing the best Chiropractor in Tulsa, Oklahoma,” said the owner of the website. “We understand that everyday increasingly people are going online to find information and find chiropractors in Tulsa, so we created this resource for them.”
The site features a new design that allows for an easy way to find information and resources that will help in finding a reliable chiropractor in the Tulsa area.
The owner of the site also pointed out that a new article will be coming online soon that discusses the common myths people have with chiropractors. “Rumors and myths about chiropractic care has been floating around for years, and so hopefully this article will help shed some true light on this topic.”
He mentioned that some of the myths people have are related to the safety of neck adjustments and the fact that people think you have to seek care for the rest of your life if you have a back issue. These concerns and more will be covered in the new article to be posted soon.
For further details on finding a good, reliable Tulsa, Oklahoma chiropractor can be found online at

Submitting Press Release Online

Now that you have created a press release to promote your business online the next vital step is to submit that press release. There are literally hundreds of places online that you can submit your press release to which helps you build backlinks and increase your exposure which is so vital to your success with online marketing.
Here is a list of 5 free press release websites. This list is always changing, so I will also give you some searches you can run on Google which will bring back hundreds of free press release websites that you can submit to.


Now below I have a screenshot of a basic press release website so you can see the basic layout of most press release submission sites. On each site you are looking for something that says “Submit Press Release” or something like that. Once you click on that you will typically need to register for the site with your name, email, and other basic information. Once you do that you just follow the instructions to copy and paste your press release onto the website.

As mentioned above you can also use Google to find even more press release sites to submit to online. Below are the common search strings I will put into Google to find all the press release sites I submit to currently.

  • “free press release distribution”
  • “submit press release”
  • “press release submission”
  • “free press release website”
  • “submit press release free”

Take a look at this screenshot for an example of a Google search you can run to find press release sites to submit to.

Press Release Promotion Conclusion

The best thing you can do with this strategy is submit your press release to as many online press release sites as possible to maximize your results. If you can create a release that you submit to 20 websites, just think of the additional exposure you would get by submitting to 50 websites. It can be a big difference.
This method is simple, but time consuming. Make sure you focus in on this method to get the best results possible.

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